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Play as Bumblebee in Paramounts new Transformers AR Experience

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The AR experience is free to download from the App Store until February 20, 2018.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is amazing; Friend codes are still the worst

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App Trigger: "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is out today, and while it's everything you could ask for in an Animal Crossing game, friend codes are still hot garbage."

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Uber’s ‘disruption’ is far from benign - but it’s not too big to ban | Abi Wilkinson

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The latest revelation about the ride-hailing app concealing a huge hack of personal data confirms that London mayor Sadiq Khan is right to take it on
Uber is one of those companies that seems to take pride in upsetting the status quo. Its the minicab app is a shining example of “disruptive innovation” – where entrepreneurs change entire industries by thinking outside the box. Critics contend that . The only major difference is scale, and the use of a high-tech booking system.

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The best sex games on PC

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Sex. It's all around us. It's leaking out of the walls. It's flooding up through the floorboards. "Where's all this sex coming from?" screams your mother, as she puts the sofa up on cinder blocks to protect it from the rising tide of sex. "Get all of the white goods up the stairs!"
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"Get with it mum, you massive prude," you shout in reply, opening the back door and allowing a great wave of filthy sex to wash over the living room, carrying your dad's slippers away in a frothy deluge while the family dog barks and barks, confused and soaking. That's sex for you. Or houses in low-lying flood plains. I can never remember which is which.
Who cares! Here are the seven best games with sex in them. Best sex games Mass Effect: Andromeda
The Mass Effect series is the only reason you’re ever likely to use the word ‘romanceable’ – at least until that inevitably becomes the name of a problematic dating app made in Silicon Valley. 

Hidden Agenda review

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Why is Hidden Agenda called Hidden Agenda? Supermassive Games' follow-up to its horror sleeper Until Dawn is a dark and rain-soaked police procedural about a serial killer called the Trapper who appears to strike again just as the man who confessed to the Trapper's murders awaits execution on death row. Two women, a straight-arrow prosecuting attorney and a homicide detective, investigate the crimes. The detective is a little volatile and not above suspicion, but we players know from the start that she's genuinely trying to get to the bottom of the case. The killer's motives are plain. There are no hidden agendas here - so aside from sounding vaguely thriller-ish, what's in that name?
It turns out that, despite being a purely narrative game, Hidden Agenda is named after a game mechanic - and it's very telling that the title doesn't fit the plot. Hidden Agenda has been chosen as the flagship launch title for PlayLink, a wave of accessible, smartphone-controlled party games for PlayStation 4. Players use their phones to hunt for clues within a scene, clear simple quick-time events, and vote on decisions that affect conversations and branching paths in the storyline. This formalises the way groups of friends have chosen to play games like this for years: talking over consequences, arguing about morality or motivation. A competitive mode spices this up by secretly assigning one player the hidden agenda of the title - a choice they must try to get past the group. They win points if their brief is fulfilled; afterwards, everyone votes on who had the hidden agenda and wins points if they guessed correctly. The scene is set for a duplicitously fun time of bluff and double-bluff in front of the TV.
It's arguable how much PlayLink adds to a scenario that you could replicate as a drinking game with some scraps of paper in a hat, but let me state for the record that the tech works pretty well. You download a game-specific app to your phone which then connects without hassle to the PS4, as long as the devices are on the same wifi network. Six players are supported. You use a touchscreen interface to control a pointer on the TV, which is a little laggy but does the job. The app is rough, but the inclusion of a logbook where you can browse updated character bios and check the outcome of 'ripple events' that affect the plot is thoughtful. Sony deserves kudos for coming up with a casual gaming initiative which requires no new accessories to be bought or interfaces to be learned; everyone has a phone and knows how to use it. Consider the barrier to entry well and truly lowered.


Camera head to head: Lumia 950 XL vs Apple iPhone X

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You saw my , with the new iPhone not quite besting the champion. And only a month later we have another new iPhone, the controversial new 'X', with larger aperture and OIS on its second 2x optical zoom lens. Can this contender finally topple the 950 XL?


Explore the International Space Station as Mission:ISS Lands on Gear VR

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The app is free to download for the mobile headset.

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Apple under fire over reports students worked illegal overtime to build iPhone X

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Manufacturing partner Foxconn had student interns working 11-hour days to make £999 iPhone
Apple has been accused of relying on students working illegal overtime to build the iPhone X, through its contractor Foxconn, which manufactures the devices in Zhengzhou, China.
According to the , students working at the Foxconn plant, as part of a three month “work experience” placement, were routinely working 11-hour days assembling the newest phone, breaking Chinese overtime laws in the process.

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Spencer Discusses 4K App Support, Picture to Picture Mode, and Backward Compatibility for Xbox One

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The future is bright for the Xbox One on the services and features front.


'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Is Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

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After being announced for release and then soft launching in Australia, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Free] is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. While scheduled to release on November 22nd, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now rolling out worldwide and it is out in the US App Store right now. It looks like

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