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Hellboy, Raiden, and Black Manta are coming to Injustice 2

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the next wave of Injustice 2‘s downloadable content characters, and it includes one big surprise: Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics. He'll be joined by Mortal Kombat Raiden's and the Aquaman villain Black Manta. Injustice 2 has been a big hit. It was the top-selling game in the U.S. during its [...]

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That Time I Got to Control The Tick’s Antennae

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We visit the set of the Amazon series where a fan-favorite character is getting a post-superhero mania makeover.

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Gamescom 2017: Tanks, tanks and more tanks in upcoming MOBA Panzer League

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Gamescom 2017: Tanks, tanks and more tanks in upcoming MOBA Panzer League Panzer League is a mobile MOBA. And I know, I know right now what your face is doing. It's making the shape of that emoji that people send you when they're not having a good day, and they're not having a bad day.
But bear with me here, because there's something different. And that something different is tanks. Glorious, explodey tanks. And some strategy.
And it's nothing like Clash Royale. I expect you're slightly interested now. I know I was.
Tanky tanky tank tank
The rolling war machines at the heart of the experience here are just that. They're slow, for the most part, and that gives the game a rhythm that's unlike any other MOBA you've played before, mobile or otherwise.
Then there's the maps. They're big, but not too big, and the game isn't just about the ebb and flow of lane-based combat. It feels more like a game of control, where holding onto capture points for as long as possible is key to success.

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Chloe can't rewind time, but Life is Strange's prequel still has "supernatural elements"

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While the protagonist of Life is Strange: Before the Storm doesn’t have any powers of her own, the game will still contain some supernatural elements, according to its lead writer.
Check out our list of . Life is Strange Before the Storm

In an interview with , lead writer Zak Gariss says that the supernatural wasn’t just tied to Max Cauldwell, the protagonist of the first game, but to Arcadia Bay itself. “Arcadia Bay is a really surreal place. We’ve taken a lot of joy in going into that part of the world. Even though Chloe doesn’t have a supernatural power, the ways in which we are exploring what her life is right now definitely includes really strange and supernatural elements.”

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Ice Princess After Injury

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Thumbnail464x348" /> Ice Queen has given a task to Ice Princess to collect a magic blue flower from the frozen mountain. During the journey, she was slipped from the sled and got injured on her face. Now, the Ice Princess urgently needs a medical treatment so she returned to the town. She then entered into your clinic to recover from the injury. And now it’s up to you, the best doctor here to make this surgery simulation and recover the Ice Princess from the injury. Are you ready now? After Injury, the Ice Princess has to get ready to continue her journey. So you have to beautify this beautiful Princess with perfect Hairstyles, glamorous clothing and accessory items. Putting all together you can give many looks to this wonderful Princess and make your Princess looks fabulous!


ICEY Review – A satisfying Metroidvania experience with a fourth wall-breaking twist

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ICEY is a neat idea, that admittedly, probably won’t be for everyone. What does beat at the heart of ICEY, is a perfectly acceptable action game with fluid visuals, style and energy. All of which, contains an interesting twist on the experience.

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PlayStation unveil the ‘Pro’ Nacon Revolution 2 controller

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PlayStation has unveiled a new ‘pro' controller for the PS4, but while it looks nice, it barely holds a light to Microsoft's vastly superior Elite controller. The officially licensed pad includes an improved customisation software UI, a new wired connection, the option to tweak the dead zone and response curves of the left and right sticks, and the options to use the dpad at either 4 or 8 direction setups – perfect for fighting games. With SCUF offering paddles that allow your resting fingers to play a role in the action, rather than taking away control from the sticks, I'm clueless as to why PlayStation haven't addressed this head on and worked to either produce their own solution or to encourage their licensees to develop a solution – take a leaf out of Microsoft's book… The Nacon Revolution 2 will be available in September 2017.


Bubble Virus

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Big" /> You are in control of a nano ship trying to defend the cells being destroyed by viruses. The aim of the game is to survive as long as you can.

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Telltale are “humbled” that DC let them create their own Batman canon

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If you’ve played Telltale’s Batman series, the key thing you’ll have noticed is that it doesn't feature the same Batman you might've read or watched before. There are many things about Telltale’s take on the Batman universe that are very different to other interpretations - from Bruce Wayne’s heritage, to the origin stories, and even physical stature of his rogues gallery. DC allowed Telltale to make whatever changes they wanted, a level of freedom that the developers say they were “humbled” to be granted.
Make the right choices by playing the on PC. Batman canon
Chatting with us at Gamescom 2017, Telltale’s head of creative communications Job Stauffer tells us: “That was hard earned. We're honored and humbled.”
He goes on to explain that this isn’t out of the ordinary, though. “There are a lot of Batman games, cartoons, comics, and movies, and they all kind of have their own take on things. I think [DC] really wanted to see what Telltale could do, especially in interactive narrative where players control the story.” 

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Content Crash #10: Gamescom 2017 Preview

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Warp Zoned writes: "This week were going to give you a preview of Gamescom 2017. If youre familiar, Gamescom is the European version of E3. Its held annually in Cologne, Germany, and its been around since 2009. A lot of the European developers use Gamescom to show off their stuff and its held in mid-August as something of a followup to E3."

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