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Can we stop calling hard games the Dark Souls of whatever?

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This seriously needs to stop.

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RPG Reload Glossary: The Dark Souls of This Series, or Action-RPGs in the 2010s

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Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the regular feature where we always do it by torchlight. This week, we're concluding our look at the history of the action-RPG sub-genre. Last time, we took a look at the games of the late 2000s, a period where more and more action games were incorporating

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Project Cars 2 review - Absolutely nothing like Dark Souls - EliteGamer

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Project CARS 2 welcomes new players without compromising the experience. With 46 locations to race in across 31 categories, PC2 will satisfy racing puritans

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Latest Trailer Mixes Cutscenes and Dark Souls Gameplay

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Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for its Dark-Souls inspired anime game, Code Vein. Like Dark Souls, Code Vein pits you against difficult, ghastly opponents in the midst of a hellish, desolate landscape. Unlike Dark Souls, Code Vein is very anime.
The latest trailer makes this clear, as gameplay segments are intercut between scenes thick with dialogue and anime camera angles, which is something Dark Souls tended to lack. Though the trailer is in Japanese, you can get a vague sense of the story Code Vein has to tell by watching the trailer below.
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Salt and Sanctuary review for PS Vita, PS4

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2D Dark Souls? Maybe, maybe not -- but Salt and Sanctuary deserves your attention regardless.
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Games Inbox: Star Wars: Battlefront II disappointment, Bloodborne 2 dreams, and Nioh: Complete Edition

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The evening Inbox has a new theory about Street Fighter V’s arcade mode, as one reader tries to make sense of Dark Souls III’s ending.

Pylon: Rogue Review - The Perfect Blend of Gauntlet and Dark Souls | COGconnected

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COGconnected - Pylon: Rogue is a top-down hack and slash rogue-like RPG with a heavy focus on timing, precision, and tactics, perfect for players looking for a challenge.

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15 Most Annoying Enemies In Dark Souls Series

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The Dark Souls series has its fair share of threats but these enemies just straight up annoyed us.

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