Friday, 20 October 2017
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Keyboard Mayhem

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Big" /> Type as fast as you can in the typing skill game Keyboard Mayhem or you will be eaten by that fat dude!

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Paris oh Paris

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Big" /> Make Paris Hilton fat. Throw greasy meat at Paris to fatten her up

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Fat Sumo

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Big" /> Control the Sumo Wrestler and eat as much food as you can. But avoid the poisonous blowfish or it could result in certain death.

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The Dueling Fates, Dota 2's next update, will be out on November 1

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Details remain slim.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Reveals Yuuki, Strea and Much More in New Screenshots

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Bandai Namco delivered a new gallery of screenshots for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet for PS4, Xbox One and PC, showing waifus and more.


Dota 2 patch 7.07, The Dueling Fates, adds two new heroes on November 1

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Update October 20, 2017: The system works - to get a Dota patch release date, you just need one six hour parody stream, the most intricate machinima troll of all time and a lot of faith.
Valve have announced the release date for Dota 2's next patch, the Duelling Fates. They'll be adding two new heroes and a whole big batch of balance changes on November 1, and everyone's quite excited.
Fill some time with our list of the . Dota 2 patch 7.07 release date
The announcement was made via Twitter:

Fat Ninja

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Big" /> Fat Ninja is a Ninja Game about Stealth. Using your ninja skills try not to get spotted by the security guards, as you make your way through the building. Use your judgement whether you should hide, or use one of your attack moves to kill the guards. You can hide behind objects or jump up and hang onto the ceiling. You can attack with your sword or using your secret weapon, your FARTS. Every time you are spotted the alarm bar will get higher, and if it reaches the end it's game over.

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Money Movers 3: Guard Duty

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Big" /> 3rd sequel to Money Movers. This time the duo is a boy and his dog trying to break in to save their father!

Tags: Thief, Fated

Fatal Stick Fight

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Big" /> Choose A Stick Warrior And Fight Your Way To The Top Of The Letter.

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