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Best AMD gaming motherboard

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AMD are supporting their AM4 platform until 2020, so you can rest easy that your motherboard will last you for a long, long time. However, this does mean that the motherboard you decide on today, could limit your connectivity years down the line, even if you have the latest super-quadruple-mega 64 core processors that arrive in 2020 (I can dream, right?). We've done all the testing so you don't make a mistake you'll eventually regret.
Check out the best AMD gaming motherboard prices at or . Best AMD gaming motherboard
mark a fresh start for the red team and it's the first time team red have ever topped our gaming processor charts. But with a host of different chipsets, features, and manufacturers, which motherboard should you be partnering with them?

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How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/43364/big.png Do you have the brains to be a super sleuth? Test your mental prowess, and sharpen your observation and memory skills. Identify symbols or letters within the card illustrations that match across a group of 4 cards within the grid. Clear the grid within the time limit to move onto the next. The quicker you are, the more points you score.

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Fresh Lime Color

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/66097/big.gif Make this girl look cool, by choosing clothes from the given accessories and clothing.

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A player in North America's best WoW guild DDOS'd teammates to steal their raid spot

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A high-level World of Warcraft player has been kicked from his guild after it was revealed that he was DDOSing team-mates in order to get himself a spot in raids. Adois was the fifth main healer in Limit, the top raiding guild in the US.

Limit spent the weekend racing to defeat the . Limit

An officer of the guild, Jeathebelle, who is also another of Limit’s healers tweeted earlier today to say “we have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Limit’s 5th main healer, Adois, used spoof links sent to his co-healers to scrape our IP addresses and then DDOS a healer, forcing him offline to get a raid spot for himself.”

Clown Crush!

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs-big-thumbnails-001/90631/big.gif This game is so addicting. You can jump over their head but don't bump on them and the challenging part is you must be really fast because there is a time limit only. Enjoy!

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Maze Fantasy

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/81997/big.gif Collect all the Green Crystals within the time limits allowed. Energy Balls make invincible. Complete the 50 levels and eliminate the Master of Darkness . Awesome CG cinematic and tutorial are included in the game.

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One of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island. With a few other victims of the crash, can you craft, mine, and build your way to survival? Aground was designed around the theme of Progression, and inspired by Utopian Mining and other mining/crafting games. You start out with almost nothing, and you can eventually build your way up to a thriving settlement. Currently, you can only explore and build on your starting island, but we have lots of plans for expansion, and the sky is literally not the limit. We’re planning to continue developing Aground based on feedback and suggestions from players, so definitely send me a message or post in or to determine the course of this game. For players who want to play on multiple computers/versions of the game: Save files can be exported from the Options menu on the title page and imported by dragging and dropping the save file into the game.

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Find Words

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/57446/big.gif Find the given words on a 12x12 word grid. Words can be placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Click and Drag to mark a word. Find all words within the time limit to advance to the next level.

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Defining American Graffiti

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There is an argument that art comes from the immediate desires of the creator, which is a stance that makes sense after checking out Concrete Genie’s art creation. We got to sit down with the developers, Pixelopus, as they showed off how painting the town red worked in the PlayStation 4 game.
In Concrete Genie, the world is truly your canvas, with every wall in the otherwise grey and drag city functioning as an open space for you to place your art. Your main character, Ash, interacts with walls with his magic brush and paints pictures using themed stamps and templates to create moving 2D tableaus. Placing a waterfall on the wall creates a small pool at the bottom of the wall, the sun lights up various other placed objects, and flowers look super pretty.
There is no limit to what you can create - or at least not one the developers have hit yet.
The initial theme Pixelopus showed us, Landscape, focused primarily on the flora and environment that would make up a landscape painting. They confirmed that there are more themes and objects that can be found and unlocked as the player progresses through the game, allowing budding artists to mix and match themes and objects. The themes gets more varied and tonally darker as Ash collects them, reflecting his emotional state in the story.
Environments are not the focus of Ash’s paintings, however, as he also has the ability to give life to creatures. Ash creates creatures to solve puzzles in the game, but they represent his friends at a time where he faces constant bullying. How you draw the creatures (big, small, bipedal, quadraped) affects how they move and their personalities. Even the color you choose when you bring them to life determines how they behave, as well as their elemental affinities for puzzle solving.

Creatures interact with each other and the environment, depending on their personalities. Pixelopus remarked that, when making the trailer for the game, certain creatures unexpectedly photobombed their perfect shots because their AI allowed for that behavior.
The creatures and other parts of the 2D art are still affected by physics, something Pixelopus told us was aided by sister studio Media Molecule after seeing their game. The Dreams developer lended some of their internal physics tech to Pixelopus, which results in an extremely cool look and feel to the paintings.
While they weren’t shown, the developer explained that the paintings are affected by Ash’s bullies in the city, something hinted at by the game’s first trailer. The bullies also affect the various ways the creatures behave, indicating that the friend you spent so long on creating and growing might be in danger if left alone.
Concrete Genie is built on the Unreal Engine and looks completely unlike any other Unreal game out there. The paintings you can make burst with a creativity that is completely unexpected when you first look at the blank canvases around you in a dark city square. I am very eager to get my hands on it.
Concrete Genie is scheduled for 2018 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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Bright Fruit Color Spring

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http://img-ak.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/67053/big.gif Is still a hot topic this spring: candy colors, bright rosy red, light blue, orange, lime, dark green, very fond of that piece of green dot bust shirt, blue and yellow T-shirt - and most in Small suit jacket, necklaces and earrings are also fabulous, the candy-colored reflected most vividly.

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