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Dead Space 2 cost $60 million to make and 4 million sales "weren't enough"

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In the wake of news that , one of its former staff members has been talking about the financial failure of Dead Space 2.
Here's our list of the . Dead Space 2

According to , who worked at Visceral during the production of Dead Space 2 and Battlefield Hardline, the former game’s budget was $60 million. To put that in perspective, Mass Effect 2, which came out a few weeks before Dead Space 2 in January 2011, is rumoured to have cost around $40 million to make. But while Mass Effect 2 sold 7 million copies in three months, Dead Space only managed 4 million copies.

Elex review

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Without being signed up to work on a big franchise, or having successfully developed one of its own over the course of 20 toilsome years, it can be tough for a studio to launch a new 3D open world RPG in a landscape dominated by Witchers, Mass Effects, Fallouts and Elder Scrolls. Piranha Bytes know this better than most, having birthed the revered Gothic series, only to see its legacy undermined by ongoing tangles over rights. It's not been plain sailing for the studio's subsequent Risen trilogy either, as a decade-long tsunami of icon-drenched Ubi-likes has rather altered perceptions as to what an open world RPG can and should be.
This time, in a bid to reassert its singular vision and stand out from its contemporaries, Piranha Bytes has brought together elements of science-fiction and fantasy and focused them within a fractious post-apocalyptic wasteland that, it's clearly hoped, will attract RPG fans of all the aforementioned franchises and beyond. There are three factions to align yourself with: one, the Outlaws are your standard issue wasteland scavengers. Next are the tech-obsessed Clerics, a bunch of nascent Space Marine-types with less impressive armour, but with a familiar socially conservative worldview. Finally there are the Berzerkers, a group of eco-warriors that look like they've deserted the Night's Watch having found a way to convert technological energy into fantasy mana, on the sole basis, it seems, that anything supernatural has to be more environmentally friendly than science. Quite.
Driving the motivations of the factions is the eponymous Elex, a substance that infuses the land like an alien fallout, having been brought to the planet by a comet strike that wiped out most of the population. Conveniently, Elex is coveted by all; by the Outlaws as a narcotic and a source of profit, by the Clerics as the primary source of their technology and by the Berserkers who just want rid of the stuff, or, rather, convert it to an energy they can use. Meanwhile, the Alb, the game's tech-infused master race, are more or less steeped in Elex, seeing it as a means to fast track their evolution and lord it over everyone else.


Mass Effect Andromeda is Now Available For EA Access

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The controversial new addition to the Mass Effect saga is now available to subscribers.

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Mass Effect Andromeda is Now Available on EA Access

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Mass Effect Andromeda has now joined the EA Access vault as a title that's free for those that subscribe to the EA service on Xbox One consoles.

Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw leaves BioWare after 14 years

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Mike Laidlaw, the creative director of the Dragon Age series, has announced his departure from BioWare, where he's worked for 14 years.
He was lead designer of the first two Dragon Age games before taking the mantle of creative director for Inquisition. He also worked on Jade Empire, Mass Effect and the Sonic role-playing game, The Dark Brotherhood, for DS - remember that?
"It's with a mix of emotions that I'm announcing my time at BioWare has ended. After 14 years and a chance to work on Jade Empire, Mass Effect and all things Dragon Age it's time for me to move on," he wrote in .


Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Leaves BioWare - IGN News

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Veteran BioWare game designer and Senior Game Director Mike Laidlaw left his position with the company. Laidlaw made the public announcement on his personal Twitter account, saying "it's time for me to move on." Laidlaw has been with the company for 14 years, working on huge BioWare games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.


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