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Thanks for Killing Mass Effect, Bioware

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BioWare may have created Mass Effect, but it also killed it. The series had its moment, but now it has been sent off to die because of one big mistake.


Did EA and BioWare Destroy the Mass Effect Franchise?

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Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game that was supposed to start a brand new odyssey of fell flat. The game launched with a myriad of bugs and the animations looked like they came from a survival-horror game. Andromeda's story was mediocre, especially when compared to the original trilogy, and suffered from stale side missions. After 5 months of release, BioWare has attempted to resolve many of the issues with successful patches but now developer BioWare made it official that support for the game would be ending including any single-player content.

Mass Effect: Andromeda's main issue wasn't animations - it wasn't alien enough

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Once you get past your expectations and hopes for BioWare’s long-awaited sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda turns out to be a good game. Away from the criticisms of its facial animations, filler quests, and impotent protests from the froth-mouthed internet picketers - how dare a game feature bisexual people in space! - it’s a perfectly enjoyable shooter. There are some incredible set-pieces, a number of excellent characters, and a load of gorgeous environments to tear around in your tricked-out moon buggy. Still, despite the fact I had fun with it, there was one thing that really bugs me: Andromeda isn’t alien enough.
Here are the . Female Angara
The original Mass Effect trilogy was wonderfully unknowable. Take the Hanar, a race of floating jellyfish who communicate via bioluminescence (translated by machines for other races). They speak with military precision, with extreme politeness, and in third-person to anyone they’re not intimate with. They communicate like this because to do otherwise is deemed egotistical in their culture. That is, unless they reveal their ‘soul name’ to someone they have formed a deep connection with. 

Short Pause Videocast #128: We Happy Con-Few-Sion, Crackdown 3 Delayed, & The Switch Wins July's NPD

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Short Pause: "In the video version of this week's show, Ben, Bender, and Frankie get together to discuss the latest delay surrounding Crackdown 3, the future of Mass Effect, the confusion surrounding the release date of We Happy Few, the table roster for Pinball FX3, the release date of Yakuza 6, July's NPD, and more"

Mass Effect Creator Casey Hudson Wants Series To Continue

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Casey Hudson expresses desire to see franchise continue in the future.


Bioware Officially Cancels All Single Player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda

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Mass Effect Andromeda Voeld
In late June, it was reported that Mass Effect Andromeda would not be getting any single player DLC. This was shocking considering how every game in the series received numerous DLC. The reports [...]

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