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Killing Floor: Incursion Official PlayStation VR Announcement Trailer

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Become an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier and take on the Zed hordes.

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Sonys Dismal PSX Showing Was Unnecessary, And Ended An Otherwise Great Year On The Wrong Foot

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Sony has had a great year in 2017. The PS4, now in its fifth year, has continued to exhibit year on year growth, showing no signs of slowing down or stopping; Sonys services offerings continue to generate obscene amounts of money; software sales are at an all time high; PlayStation VR has found its footing after a shaky start; and the lineup of games and exclusives on the PS4 this year was nothing short of legendary.

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A Surprisingly Thoughtful Multiplayer VR Shooter

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Announced at Sony’s annual PlayStation Experience, Firewall: Zero Hour is Sony’s answer to the booming genre of tactical team-based multiplayer shooters with a virtual reality twist.
Firewall follows in the vein of games like Ubisoft’s popular Rainbow Six: Siege, pitting two teams of four players each with contrasting goals against each other in tactical combat. Teams can choose to win a match by stealthily achieving their goals or they can win bloody, seeking out and flushing out enemies toward a grisly end.
The concept is simple: both teams of mercenaries have been hired by anonymous contract holders that either want to steal data or protect their own data. The contract holders act as an eye in the sky for your team and tell you about changing mission objectives or, as I became very used to hearing, express their disappointment in you.

What separates Firewall from the herd, however, is leveraging VR for the gameplay. The game uses the PlayStation VR headset and Aim controller to create an experience that feels a bit more real and tense than other games in the genre. There is no auto-aim or aim-down-sights mechanics because the game wants you to feel like you are physically holding the gun, an experience Sony pushed with their previous VR shooter Farpoint. Similarly, your HUD is on your wrist, which makes checking the map as simple as turning your gun slightly.
My first match was uneventful, my team failed to find the other team until they mysteriously and silently achieved their goal without us realizing it. Aside from accidentally throwing my grenades out due to the button being awkwardly placed on the Aim controller, the match saw little to no weapon use.

Jupiter & Mars is a sci-fi Ecco the Dolphin-style game for PlayStation VR

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What if Ecco the Dolphin had a proper story and also had some radical neon highlights. That's the pitch for Jupiter & Mars, an upcoming underwater Playstation VR game.
Revealed in today's PlayStation Experience 2017 show, Jupiter & Mars is the work of indie developer Tigertron, in partnership with Aussie outfits Tantalus Media and Wicked Witch Software.
The game sees you play as a pair of dolphins on a mission to save the world's reefs. The story is set in the future, after the fall of mankind but while our polluting influence is still being felt.

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Sony to launch free demo of The Last Guardian VR on December 12

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Sony said it will launch a free demo of The Last Guardian for the PlayStation VR on December 12. Shawn Layden, head of Sony's game business, made the announcement at the beginning of its PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California. Layden said he spent much of his career in games overseeing The Last Guardian and was [...]

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The Last Guardian Experience, WipeOut Coming to PSVR

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A virtual reality experience based on the world of The Last Guardian is coming to PlayStation VR.

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Sony: Resident Evil 7’s PSVR success ‘was a big surprise to us’

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Five months on from launch and Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is still the biggest game to come to Sony’s PlayStation VR so far. Using an optional stat-tracking service, we know that quite a few people have tried the game with this VR support. In fact the sheer number of people playing in VR has been [...]

Snag £105 Off PlayStation VR V2 Bundle, Nintendo Wii U Console With Two Games For £120 (Preowned)

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£50 off LG 49-Inch smart LED TV, great savings on Nikon D3400 DSLR camera, Transformers: The Classic Animated Series (DVD) under £12

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