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'Beyond Oasis' Review - A Sight for Thor Eyes

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When it comes to SEGA and their 16-bit library, game re-releases tend to fall into one of three categories. First, there are the games that are always included: Sonic, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, and the like. Then, you've got games that are often included, but not always. Phantasy Star 2, Ecco the Dolphin, and Shinobi 3

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New Blade Runner VR game foretells a Sega CD-styled story revolution

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Technically impressive the Oculus freebie game Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab has an awful story, but its otherwise a must-play.

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Sonic 3D's original developer is creating an unofficial Director's Cut

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Jon Burton, founder of UK development studio Traveller's Tales, and one of the original developers on the Mega Drive and Sega Saturn classic Sonic 3D, is attempting to create an unofficial Director's Cut of the game, 21 years after its release.
You might remember Burton as the man who recently for slipping through Sega's notoriously opaque certification process back in the Mega Drive days. Since then, he's continued to release a fascinating series of videos on his YouTube channel, full of all sorts of developer tricks and insights, gleaned throughout his career.
In his latest video, however, Burton has foregone the usual historical revelations in favour of something a bit different. He's announced his intention to revisit Sonic 3D - which released on the Mega Drive and Sega Saturn back in 1996, and on which he was responsible for "program design and implementation" - and tweak the original code into something resembling a Director's Cut, line with modern day game design sensibilities.

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Classic Action-RPG Beyond Oasis Joins Sega Forever

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Sega has added the classic action-RPG Beyond Oasis to its ever-growing library of Sega Forever titles on Android and iOS.

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Sonic Hedges His Bets On A Classic Casino Level

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Coins, so many coins!
In a gameplay trailer released today, Sega showcases a new casino-themed stage from the upcoming Sonic Forces. Casino Forest, a nod to Sonic the Hedgehog 2's classic Casino Night Zone, is full of bright colors, pinball flippers, slot machines with Sonic's mug plastered all over them, and of course lots of coins.
With most people still riding high on retro Sonic mania, the trailer shows off the game's 2.5D side-scrolling, one half of a split-perspective approach to gameplay that will also feature 3D platforming.
(Please visit the site to view this media)
Sonic Forces races onto every conceivable platform on November 7 and for more on the game's story, check out that dropped last week. Or if you prefer classic Sonic, read about the hedgehog's .

Classic Action RPG 'Beyond Oasis' Is the Latest Game in the SEGA Forever Series, Out Now on the App Store

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Sorry to disappoint any fans expecting the SEGA Forever series to be literally faithful to its name, as there were only ever 897 Genesis/Mega Drive games published, and only a proportion actually developed by the Japanese company themselves. SEGA Forever - more like SEGA Seventeen Years, am I right? In SEGA's defense, they have released

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Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls gets an official PS Vita trailer

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Idea Factory's latest title in the beloved Neptunia franchise is an interesting one.
View the full article, here:

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Get Sonic the Hedgehog PlayStation Games for Super Cheap

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This year has been a good one for Sonic the Hedgehog, between his incredible retro revival Sonic Mania, and the forthcoming Sonic Generations-inspired Sonic Forces, which arrives next month. That's why Sega has launched a flash sale with a number of Sonic games available for dirt cheap on PlayStation 3. The sale is taking place through October 10th, and you can essentially get all the games available for around $50 or so and there are quite a few.

'Golden Axe' Gets a New Rewind Feature, Other SEGA Forever Games Presumably to Follow

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If you've managed to get your hands on the Super NES Classic Edition (and it sounds like a lot more people have compared to last year's NES debacle), you've probably been enjoying some great old classic 16-bit games with a few useful new bells and whistles. One of those new features is the ability to

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Sega Confirms Sonic Forces Is 720p, 30fps On Nintendo Switch

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Article: Sega Confirms Sonic Forces Is 720p, 30fps On Nintendo Switch
In both docked and handheld modes

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