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Elite: Dangerous players have activated a mysterious Thargoid machine - watch it live

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Thargoid-hunting Elite players have managed to find a massive, operational base in a desolate corner of the galaxy - and now they’ve turned it on. Inside are drones, alien devices and even a massive galaxy map. You can see an ongoing stream above, for as long as it runs.
For more on , see our dedicated article. Elite: Dangerous alien base thargoids
The base was first found late last night, as detailed in this . It's massive, easily visible from space, full of different rooms and requiring a buggy to get around in. Here's a collection of  and some from inside . There's also various beasties wandering around the planet to kill.

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Arizona Sunshine PSVR plays best with the Aim controller

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Arizona Sunshine on PSVR is a nightmare to control with Sony's Move controllers. The game, originally released for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift late last year, is a VR zombie shooter that allows the player to wander around a dusty desert landscape blasting the undead in the head whilst dual-wielding a large number of real world weapons.
Unfortunately the Move controllers lack one simple thing that make this experience intuitive - analogue sticks. Without them, forward movement and full body turns have to be controlled by the face buttons of the Move, which is an aggravating, confusing experience that hinders your ability to navigate freely.
When you're in a virtual world you're aiming for full immersion and for that to happen, movement needs to be a reflex action. Nothing pulls you out of an experience quicker than a terrible control scheme, and having to pause and fumble with the Move controller when a horde of zombies is baring down on you is as far from satisfying as you can get.

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Is Annihilation Mode enough to save Dawn of War 3?

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To put it in the crudest possible terms, when I hopped back online to try out big update last week there was, for a period, just one public game in the multiplayer lobby. One. In a major, multiplayer-focused PC game, available on Steam, and less than a month after launch. Checking in for games throughout the day - and to be sure this wasn't just a mid-morning lull - I saw at most half a dozen live at a time. It's no anomaly. Perhaps even worse, last time I checked there were as many active games in the server browser of Soulstorm, an expansion to the original Dawn of War, that was released back in 2008.
Big franchises don't get many second chances these days - just ask Mass Effect - and while Dawn of War is certainly an established name in its class I'd be surprised if it showed more resilience than EA's multi-platform blockbuster. As well as it may have done critically, the brutal fan reaction means this is a game that is sliding at an alarming rate towards irrelevance. The latest update is designed to turn things around. It might sound like hyperbole, but this is probably the most important patch to go live in the series' history.
There are a handful of reasons why Dawn of War 3 is struggling, and to the invested community they're likely both obvious and, at this point, painfully well-trodden: the art style, whilst undeniably grimdark, emphasises clarity over gritty photorealism; the campaign, whilst entertaining, is linear and without much in the way of longevity; and above all, until now Dawn of War 3's headline multiplayer mode was its only multiplayer mode. Oh, and it's a MOBA.

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PES 2018 proves that slower can be better

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Usain Bolt? Really? The recent announcement that the world's fastest man is to feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 seems a strange, misleading and possibly even misguided step. PES has earned its reputation not on gimmicks, but by taking the sport it simulates very seriously indeed. A headline-grabbing move this may be, but it's also a little desperate, and not very PES at all.  
As it turns out, Bolt's inclusion is a particularly odd choice this year, as one of the most notable changes about PES 2018 is a tangible drop in pace. "It's one of the elements [we changed] to enhance the variation in strategic choices you have once you're in possession," says assistant producer Kei Masuda, via a translator, as we chat in a not-especially-quiet corner of the media suite at Anfield. The decision to slow things down a little wasn't simply a response to last year's game, he adds; his team has taken into account fan feedback from the previous three entries.  
It's a sign that Konami understands it can't allow PES to stagnate, or let its current audience drift away. The publisher wants to cater to existing players by responding to complaints about previous entries, while simultaneously building upon the game's foundations in ways designed to attract newcomers to the fold. Hence Bolt, I suppose. "It's a bit slower" isn't really something you can put on the back of the box and expect people to get excited about, after all.  

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Dungeon Defenders 2 coming to Xbox – and its FREE!

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Dungeon Defenders II is launching on Xbox One on June 20th 2017 and it will be free to play! The game has been available on Steam Early Access for more than two years, and in that time has had over 60 updates. But now, developer Trendy Entertainment has announced it is finally ready to be launched on the Xbox One.  It will come with an exclusive pet, an exclusive weapon and a limited-time exclusive map. Dungeon Defenders 2 is a tower defense game with elements of action RPG, where you take control of various heroes who have to fight off the armies of the Old Ones.  There are 4 basic heroes to choose from -Squire, Apprentice, Huntress and the Monk. The Squire is a knight in training that makes use of mighty spikes and blades, the Apprentice is an eager practitioner of the arcane arts that combats the foe from afar, the Huntress is a skilled trapper and explosives expert, skills that she puts to good use when slaying enemies with her crossbow, and finally the Monk has turned from a path of pacifism to defend his land by employing aura energy to heal friends and cripple foes. More details can be found on the official website - www.dungeondefenders.com/2/ Dungeon Defenders Review EA provides New Hope with details of Star Wars Battlefront 2

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TumbleSeed is toning down its difficulty after only 0.2 per cent of players could finish it

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TumbleSeed is a . Novel, unique, and devilishly clever, this independent endeavour by an unnamed five-person team was one of the best games on Nintendo Switch during its teething period. There was only one problem that turned many players against it: It was too damned difficult!
The game was so challenging in fact, that only a mere 0.2 per cent could finish this rolly roguelike.
Heck, only 1.8 per cent of its players even made it to the game's fourth and final biome, while a mere 8.3 per cent crossed its midpoint to the desert region.

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Review: God Wars: Future Past - Destructoid

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Josh Tolentino says, "When last folks heard about God Wars: Future Past, its subtitle was God Wars: Beyond Time. Whatever the real motivation for the change, I think the new, current subtitle is a bit more appropriate. Playing God Wars feels like stepping into a portal to the past, in more ways than one. In some ways, God Wars is by turns a trip to a bygone era of game design, a look at a much earlier period of history, and even a reminder of sorts that old things aren't necessarily bad things."

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