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DOOM VFR and Skyrim VR gets a release date

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Two rather exciting titles have straddled the top of the PSVR store for a while now with nothing but a ‘pre-order' place holder and a price – DOOM VFR and Skyrim VR – priced at £19.99 and £49.99 respectively. At Gamescom, Bethesda has confirmed a release date for two of the most anticipated VR games. The Elder Scrolls will launch first on November 17, 2017 followed by DOOM VFR December 1, 2017. Skyrim VR features the same gameplay as the standard edition, including all DLC content, whereas DOOM is a standalone game built specifically for virtual reality “I really encourage anybody who wants a fast-paced combat experience to look at DOOM VFR,” adds Game Director Marty Stratton. “It’s going to be different than a lot of the stuff they play in VR. Everybody at id is just thrilled to be bringing DOOM to VR.”


Cat Sorter VR transforms your HTC Vive into a chaotic feline assembly line

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If you can't get enough of cats in actual reality, you can now obsess over kitties in virtual reality, too. The adorable Cat Sorter VR is exactly what it sounds like: a game where you sort cats. It hits Steam and Viveport, the HTC Vive content platform, on August 29. The Cat Sorter demo was chaotic [...]

The 10 best games to play on the HTC Vive

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The HTC Vive headset is cheaper than ever thanks to a new price-drop, and (as of publication of this article) it's also sold out at many major retailers. If you're lucky enough to have picked up one of the VR headsets, you're probably looking for the best virtual reality experiences to enjoy on your new hardware.


The Wizards - PC / VR Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

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Chalgyr's Game Room writes: I've said it before, but it certainly is worth reiterating here - virtual reality is going to live or die by how immersive the experience is. It is about being convincing, and forgetting where you are in reality. That can scale from a laid back title to playing chess to something more action-packed like racing, but games fare best in my experience when they maintain the illusion of 'being there' in that virtual space. That's good news for The Wizards, because while the game is only in Early Access right now, it certainly nails the feeling of being a powerful spellcaster.


HTC Vive Price Permanently Dropped to $599

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HTC's virtual reality headset is now more affordable.


HTC Vive down to £599 after big price drop

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HTC has announced a significant price drop for the Vive virtual reality kit.
From today, the - that's £160 cheaper than before.
All purchases come with a trial to Viveport Subscription, which lets you choose up to five titles per month, and copies of Google's Tilt Brush, Everest VR and Richie's Plank Experience.


Intel targets 8th Gen Core laptop processors at video editors and VR fans

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Intel is unveiling the first batch of its eighth generation Core processors, which are targeted at laptop users who like to do video editing or run virtual reality apps. The chips should also be plenty good for new kinds of gaming laptops. Santa Clara, California-based Intel said the chips have 40 percent better performance than [...]

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HTC cuts Vive price to $600 as an answer to Facebook’s Oculus Rift discounts

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In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, HTC announced a permanent price reduction for its Vive virtual reality headset. Starting today, it will drop from $800 to $600. The announcement comes a month or so after Facebook slashed the prices for the Oculus Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers, bundling them for $400. HTC says its [...]

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Nyko’s PlayStation VR Charge Block will keep you ready to move

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PlayStation VR, like the rest of virtual reality, is not necessarily an every-day gaming device. Instead, I've found that I'm much more likely to break it out when I have visitors over, but that introduces a potential hazard in that I may not have the system's Move controllers charged and ready to go. But that's [...]

Superhot VR Review

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This time-warping action is an amazing use of virtual reality, creating the illusion of superhuman reflexes.


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