Monday, 26 September 2016  
Xbox Germany Giving Away Three Insane Audi Xbox Ones


Hardcore Gamer: Those wondering what it would look like if a video game console and a luxury car had a baby are in luck, as a new contest for three exclusive Xbox Ones showcases perhaps the most insane console design since the Pikachu N64.

PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6 Shows The Power of the New Dragon Engine in 40 Minutes of Gameplay


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is powered by a new PS4-dedicated engine named the Dragon Engine, and if you want to catch a glimpse on what it can do, the video below are a good place to start.

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Classic Dead Rising Titles Returning to PS4 and Xbox One


It's the 10 year anniversary of the original Dead Rising, and Capcom is making a big deal out of it. Dead Rising 4 will be released on December 6th, 2016, but for those who want to relive the original two games in the series, they can on September 13th. Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will all [...]
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The Final Station (PC)


A staff review for The Final Station on the PC platform, contributed by Lucas Goulding.

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Afterfate Trailer


AFTERFATE is a Post-Apocalyptic Open World RPG. The game takes place in ravaged and devastating world after a huge nuclear cataclysm. Society has fallen into despair and the few humans who survived have regrouped into different factions and locations. Read more & vote over on their pitch page now:

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